3. Daimon*

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*Demo version
Daimon. A semi-divine voice, so close to me, whispering inside. It has a mission: to unknot the certitudes, the dictations of the already known. A voice, a gesture, multiple variations dismantling the already known; opening a space, a clearing to the unknown; furrowing new possibilities, new paths. Deviate.

daimon foto by Joana Pimenta

Blue Sky and Yellow Sunflower

maybe this is our poem.

maybe… who really knows.

Or the strange desire to fly staying right where you are

and see the flight go everywhere. Really feeling the move

moving and feeling and moving.

The desire to touch the blue and the yellow

right where you are

moving to the next place

where you are.

Just feel the heart

daimon foto by Joana Pimenta
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